AMASCOTM - 24 years of Quality, Service and Innovation

At AmascoTM, we dedicate years of commitment towards one belief - to ensure that every product is an effective synergy of modern design, superior quality and awareness towards the environment.

The company offers an extensive product range that can be grouped into three broad categories: Ceiling Fans, Water Heaters and LED lighting solutions.

All of our products are carefully constructed to create timeless designs, assembled with care from high quality parts, and engineered towards energy efficiency so as to provide maximum comfort and cost efficiency for every household.

Despite our strong presence and brand history in Singapore's market, we seek to constantly evolve, change and improve ourselves to work towards guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our service promise is a reflection of the company's belief towards meeting customers' needs and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Ceiling Fans

Being one of the very first brands to kick-start the ceiling fan business in Singapore, AmascoTM specializes in trend-inspired, fashion forward ceiling fans that are tailored to the unique needs of every Singaporean home.

As the discerning customers of today are expecting more from the conventional ceiling fan, we strive to offer wider product variety and innovation. Today, we have successfully expanded our line of AmascoTM ceiling fans to include a range of fans powered by DC motor for better cost savings, as well as the NANO-series for healthier living. Most importantly, the company believes in taking social responsibility for the environment by designing products that reduce energy and electricity intake. We are also the leading brand to introduce acrylic blades that reduces rust and dust accumulation and 3D blade pitch for superior wind power.

To add, AmascoTM ceiling fans are readily available through our superior network of national authorized dealers. Customers can easily enjoy the "AmascoTM ceiling fan experience" at any of these independent showrooms. Alternatively, we also have fan consultants available at our showroom situated at the head office.

Water Heaters

Our range of electric water heaters encompasses a variety of instant water heaters and storage water heaters. Years of product research, testing, development and distribution of electric water heaters has earned the company a trusted and reputable position in the domestic market.

The latest range of AmascoTM instant water heaters includes features like 'Double Heating Element' that enables hot water in 2 seconds and high-tech LED temperature displays. Storage water tanks, on the other hand, comes with the new Inner Crystal Tank, a Centralized Multipoint System and Polyurethane Insulation. Features like these can allow a significant amount of energy and cost savings as electricity consumption have been greatly reduced.

LED Lights

With innovation and environmental awareness being the key drivers of our business, the company is consistently in search of ways to increase our commitment towards sustainable and energy efficient practices. In 2009, we ventured into the era of LED. This form of new-age green lighting solution has led us to dedicate time and resources into seeking the most advanced yet cost saving products for our customers.

We aim to turn LED lighting solutions into an 'affordable luxury' for our customers, where modern individuals and families of today can altogether benefit from the almighty energy efficient, environment-friendly LED light.

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